May Employee Spotlight: Diane

May 26, 2021
Diane with Golden Retriever outside

Job Title

Dog Adoption Assistant

What you do at PAWS 

Help families find the best fur baby match for them.  It is so rewarding to see a dog and family have that connection and a fur baby leave with their new furever family.  Assist the adoption counselors in any means that is needed processing applications and helping with adoptions.  

Years with PAWS

It will be 2yrs in June of this year.

Your pets at home

I do some fostering for PAWS, but my son has a dog that is a corgi/husky mix, her name is  Luna and she definitely has the corgi stature and attitude.  

Favorite thing about PAWS  

One of the things I like about PAWS is they are not just about adopting animals, they are about helping the community in several different ways, for example the food pantry they have for people to come and help with their needs.  How the volunteers and staff work as a team and work together.  

What you can usually be found doing outside of work?

I enjoy going out with friends and having a nice relaxing meal and conversation.  I enjoy traveling when I get a chance and watching wildlife and taking pictures.

What is your perfect vacation? 

Traveling to see people or relatives I have not seen in a while.  Not having a schedule planned out on the vacation, just do what you want to do.