March Volunteer of the Month: Heather Shadow

Heather with family at waterfall
March 16, 2022

How long have you been at PAWS?

I have been volunteering at PAWS for 5 years.

What's your favorite thing about PAWS?

My favorite thing about PAWS is seeing all the love and care that is shown to the animals while they are with us.

What's your favorite thing to do at PAWS?

My favorite part about volunteering is seeing the cats adopted especially the shy ones or the ones with medical needs.

What are your favorite non-PAWS hobbies?

I also volunteer at a local retirement home, spend time with my kids and family, hiking, swimming and being active.

What's your favorite place to vacation? 

I love the Caribbean or anywhere with warm water to swim.

What do you like to do in Centre County?

Arts fest, check out new local restaurants, visit the arboretum.