February Employee Spotlight: Colin Assadinia

February 24, 2021
Colin and Marley


Medical Manager

What you do at PAWS

I oversee the medical care of the animals at PAWS

Time with PAWS

7 years

My favorite thing about PAWS is being able to help all of the animals here get a second chance in life. Whether it's finding a way to assist an animal in poor health or spending time with the shy and quiet animals, I get a great deal of satisfaction doing what I can to help.

Outside of PAWS, I usually try to spend my time doing something active. I really enjoy going on long hikes through the mountains when I can. Lifting weights and running are also other activities that I find not only great for my physical health, but help me relax for my mental health on my days off as well.

I love sports, but football and rugby are undoubtedly my favorite. I played rugby for over 5 years in both college and high school. It slowly became something I connected with on all levels of the sport. Rugby was a sport I never expected to love so much. Football is also something I played for many years and now I can't stop watching it on Saturdays during the fall. 

My perfect vacation would be somewhere warm and sunny. One of my favorite places to be is on a beach. Anywhere with clear water, nice views, and the sun shining down is the place I want to be. When the ground is covered with snow in State College, all I can think about is being near the ocean.