June Employee Spotlight: Morgan Shattuck

Tan and white dog in coat and booties play bowing in the snow
June 6, 2023



PAWS Kennel Assistant

Role at PAWS

Essentially, I am these dogs' personal maid. I maintain their kennels, keep it sanitary, ensure they always have water, and feed them on a consistent basis. Additionally, there are those times I clean their bigger messes (ie. pick up their poop). Kennel assistants are also background observers. We are one of those groups that notice slight changes in dogs and their conditions to report to the shelter for these issues to be solved.

Time With PAWS

I began as a volunteer about a year ago, and had recently decided I wanted to acquire a larger role at the shelter where I could learn the "behind the scenes" of operations. The catalyst was that I was awarded a work study position and placed at the shelter. From there, I enjoyed my time and maintained a position at the shelter when the award expired.

Favorite Thing About PAWS

My favorite thing about PAWs is how dedicated everyone is to the animals. The constant love and affection they give their animals is not something seen quite often at shelters; especially because I had worked at other shelters before and it didn't have the same vibes. The dedication that volunteers give to their animals is heartwarming. From giving special attention to a specific behavioral cat to walking a dog multiple miles on a hike during the day when it's not a designated volunteer time. Everyone involved loves their role and loves these animals, so I'm glad to have found like-minded people in that sense.

Favorite Movie

My favorite movie series is Harry Potter. However, I prefer the first three to watch because they don't require a lot of attention. If I'm having a bad day, I can put one of them on and feel like I'm in the fantasy world. The last 4 movies, I need a whole marathon to watch them.

First Concert I Attended

The first concert I attended was when I was very little, and my mom had taken me and my sister to see Cheetah Girls. Of course this was when Raven Simone was no longer in the group, so it wasn't the same. However, I still loved it because my mom had no interest in their music, but still took us kids to enjoy ourselves.