April Employee Spotlight: Kylie Eckley

April 20, 2021

Kylie with pyppy

Job Title

Cat Adoption Assistant 

What you do at PAWS

I schedule all of the meet and greets and help match our cats with their perfect families. 

Years with PAWS

A little less than a year 

Your pets at home

Pugzy- a 13 year old pug 

Livie- a 7 year old cane corso

Chloe- a 5 year old tortie cat 

Achilles- a 7 month old cat 

Thing most proud of about time at PAWS

I'm most proud of being able to be a part of the community PAWS has surrounding it that are so willing to help save animals. 

Favorite thing about PAWS 

Seeing all of the animals find great homes. It's so rewarding to see how the animals and people make each other happy. 

What you can usually be found doing outside of work?

Typically outside of paws you can either find me working on homework or being outside. 

What is your perfect vacation?

My perfect vacation would either be sitting on a beach with my family or going to an amusement park!