April Employee Spotlight: Chelsea Snook

Chelsea on the boardwalk
April 19, 2022

What I do at PAWS

As a Kennel Assistant, I work 3 times a week, Wednesday afternoon and the weekends in the morning. I usually feed all the cats and medicate most of the cats at PAWS. There are other members too so we help each other out. I also go in the back room to Intake and Quarantine to take care of the new cats that come into the building. Another thing, once cages are empty from another cat or even their items, at times, I would have to disinfect those and then do some extra work like work with the Foster cats on cleaning cages.

Time with PAWS

I am a Junior in High school and I have been a Kennel Assistant on the Cat Side for about a year now, but I have also been a Volunteer here at PAWS since I was in 8th grade!

Your pets at home

 I have two cats at home, Patch and Ash, Patch is a year old grey and white cat and Ash is a 5 year old Tabby. I love these two so much, they comfort me and so much more. Oh, they are also SPOILED <3.

What are you most proud of doing at PAWS?

Working at PAWS has benefited me so well from also wanting to become a Veterinary Technician and future goals of going to College in Pittsburgh, Vet Tech Institute!

What you can usually be found doing outside of work (hobbies/interests)?

Some of my hobbies are drawing, crafting, playing Acoustic Guitar, listening to music (Country, pop, ect.), watching animal rescue videos on youtube (Hope for Paws is my favorite), and spending time with friends and family!

Favorite movie? Or seen any good ones lately?

I just recently watched two movies called Clifford The Big Red Dog and Sing 2, they are such good movies, very funny, cute, and inspirational.

What's the first concert you attended (or most recent)?

I love going to concerts, my most recent one I have been to is a Country Singer named Kane Brown, but I have also seen The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds Of Summer, all at the Bryce Jordan Center. Amazing singers!