March Volunteer of the Month - Ryan Macaluso

Family with dogs sitting in front of Nittany Lion statue
March 5, 2019

When did you start volunteering at PAWS?

I started volunteering at PAWS in 2015.

What jobs/roles have you performed at PAWS?

I started as a Front Desk volunteer and my wife, Jeannette, and I began fostering puppies and dogs shortly thereafter. We have also participated in the holiday cat fostering program and adopted our last holiday foster, Cali. I’m a member of the Finance and Maintenance Committee and also assist with Dog Intakes.   

What do you currently do as a volunteer?

I typically volunteer Sunday at the front desk and help with dog intakes when needed. I’m currently on the Finance and Maintenance Committee.

Why do you volunteer at PAWS?

I’m passionate about animal rescue and love spending time around dogs! PAWS is a fun place to volunteer because there are so many wonderful people in the organization! 

When you're not at PAWS, what do you like to do with your time?

Anything that involves time spent with our three dogs and my wife are valuable. I enjoy walking/hiking and watching sports with them. I’m an avid Penn State football/basketball and Pittsburgh Steeler/Pirate fan.

What do you like best about being a PAWS volunteer? What do you find to be the most rewarding?

Interacting with the public and volunteers to help PAWS dogs and cats find forever homes. The most rewarding part is when you see how a dog’s life can improve at PAWS and their happiness when they find a forever home.

If someone asked you why they should volunteer at PAWS, what answer would you give?

Centre County PAWS is an outstanding organization with a fantastic staff and volunteers! There are so many ways that one can assist in animal rescue. When you volunteer at PAWS, you receive excellent training, support and spend time around delightful people who care deeply for our dogs and cats.