Dr. John Thomas VET Fund

April 29, 2021
VET Fund logo


We are pleased to announce that we are officially accepting applications for assistance through the Dr. John Thomas Veterinary Emergency Treatment (VET) Fund. This would not be possible without Fred and Megan Metzger’s generous matching donation of $100,000 and the donations from so many tremendous individuals in our community. Thank you for believing in this fledgling program. We are excited to see where it will go and how many animals it can help. If you have not yet donated, but are interested in contributing, your support is welcome and appreciated at any time. Just visit our donate page and list the VET Fund in the “Special Instructions.”

The VET Fund will operate outside of PAWS’ everyday life saving work. As we begin administration of the new fund, we will continue to care for the dogs and cats of Centre County who need us and lead spay and neuter efforts of community animals.