April Employee Spotlight: Elisa Shadow

4 brown tabby cats laying on a blue blanket on a bed
April 20, 2023

About me

My name is Elisa, my friends call me Lis, and I use they/them pronouns.

Role at PAWS

I recently got promoted to the Senior Kennel Assistant position! When I'm at PAWS I am always on the cat side, I'm usually feeding, medicating, disinfecting, or training new staff!

Time with PAWS

I started out volunteering at PAWS 4 years ago and I have been part of PAWS staff for 3.5 years.

Your pets at home

I have 3 kitties at home, Emmitt (Eddy at PAWS), Ellie, & Nora. I currently do not have any fosters, but as we are gearing up for kitten season I'm sure that will change!

What can you usually be found doing outside of work?

When I am not at PAWS with cats, you can find me with my cats at home, or stopping on the sides of roads because I thought I saw a cat.

My favorite thing about PAWS

My favorite thing about PAWS is the positive atmosphere. I also LOVE seeing the progression of cats that come in (like Clara), and I love seeing my favorite long term cats (and fosters) get adopted.