Medical Aid

Owners with financial limitations who are dealing with an injured or ill animal have a variety of options available both through Centre County PAWS, local community resources, and state/national services. Below are a list of potential resources and links.

Stray Cat Medical Aid

The PAWS Stray Cat Medical Aid program provides financial assistance for emergency treatment of injured stray cats found in Centre County. We cannot currently extend this service to owned animals or to animals who are currently owned by another 501(c)(3) rescue group.

If you are currently in a situation where a stray cat is in need of medical assistance, please contact PAWS. The most efficient way to reach us is by email with information about the cat.

Please note, if you have found a stray dog in need of medical assistance, please contact your local non-emergency police or local Emergency Vet for assistance. 

Care Credit

If you need financial help with a vet bill for one of your animals, we recommend that you ask your vet if they offer a payment plan and see if you qualify for Care Credit.

Dr. John Thomas VET Fund

The Dr. John Thomas Veterinary Emergency Treatment (VET) Fund is a community resource intended to keep animals in loving families. A limited number of grants will be available monthly to Central Pennsylvania residents and Centre County animal rescue groups. The fund is administered by Centre County PAWS. Click here for more information on the requirements for a grant or to apply for a grant.


Other Options for Assistance

Are you or someone you know having trouble affording vet care for your pet, but may not qualify for assistance from Centre County PAWS? The Humane Society of the United States maintains a webpage with tips for working with veterinarians and various helpful resources. The Magic Bullet Fund maintains an exhaustive list of organizations that may be able to help.