Caring For Kittens

Spring and summer time at PAWS means "kitten season"! While the little cuties are adorable, kitten season is a hard time for shelters across the country as we become overwhelmed with homeless cats and litters of kittens. Want to help PAWS and our community during kitten season? Here are some ways you can help!

For more questions call the Centre County PAWS cat-line and leave a message: (814) 237-8722 Select #1 or email us at

Kitten Caretaker Information

There are two ways you can help to care for kittens.

1. Become an official PAWS foster and help us to care for PAWS kittens. We are always looking for people able to foster kittens during kitten season! Learn more about fostering kittens and complete an application today.

2. Care for the kittens you have found until we have space to take them into the PAWS system. We have several resources available to help you help the kittens including our Virginia Walker Pet Food Pantry, litter, litter boxes, informational support, and other assorted supplies. All are available at no charge to you. 

What To Do If You Find An Orphaned Kitten

Before intervening to care for an orphaned kitten, make certain that the kitten is truly orphaned. The kittens are safest and healthiest with their mother, even if outdoors. Mom may be hiding from you or off getting food. Orphaned kittens are hungry, so they will be crying for food, and will typically appear to be dirty.

If you find an orphaned kitten, PAWS is here to help you help the kitten(s) in any way possible. We can work with you to help provide resources such as blankets, towels, syringes, and bottles, as available. In addition, our seasoned fosters and volunteers are here to offer advice and support along the way.

What to do and not do if you find an orphaned kitten

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Kitten Instructional Channel

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Spread The Word About SNAP

PAWS offers low-cost spay and neuter clinics and vouchers available to the community throughout the year. With your help we can combat pet overpopulation. Learn more about spay and neuter assistance with Centre County PAWS.