Featured Fido: Elaine

large dog holding ball in mouth
August 19, 2019

Hello! I’m Elaine (5 years 6 months) a Dog de Bordeaux, which is really just a fancy word for princess. Some of my favorite things to do include smelling rabbit holes, cuddles with my people and laying on the couch watching Netflix. I love my human friends and am always excited to see them, but I need to be introduced to strangers. The good news, once we know each other we will be best friends forever! I am looking for an adult only home, though, because I’m not really a fan of children. As far as other dogs, I don’t mind having them around once we’ve been introduced but I don’t like little dogs or cats. I also enjoy being in charge so I don’t really like dogs who might boss me around. I’m also housebroken and crate trained.

Have I told you about how much I love smelling things? Sometimes I will pick up a scent on a walk and try to find its source, even if that means going over the river and through the woods. Sometimes I get tired when it is hot out, but I always enjoy going on adventures with my people. Did you know that Dog de Bordeauxs are one of the oldest French breeds? That means one of my great great dogparents might have lived in a castle once, which would explain my majestic and stately demeanor.

Something else you should know about me is that I can “sit” and “shake” and I am very smart - that’s probably why my friends asked me to be this week’s Featured Fido. I can even “drop it” if you ask me but sometimes I like to pretend I can’t hear you. But, I do like to show off in exchange for treats and pats (ear scratches are my favorite)!  Sometimes I make grumbling sounds when I’m being pat, it’s the only way I know how to say thanks, so don’t worry, I’m just very happy! Interested applicants can make an appointment to meet me.

So if you’d like to visit me as an applicant, please make an appointment with my friends at PAWS to meet (I have a very busy schedule of napping, sniffing, and sunbathing). I would love to make some friends just as long as they aren't cats, small dogs, or children. I have a Guardian Angel, which means that my adoption fee has already been paid. All I need now is a forever home! As long as you have room on the couch and a spare hand to rub my belly, that’s all I really need. -Elaine

Large dog in grass on sunny day

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