June Employee Spotlight: Catie Padilla

Catie with orange and white cat
June 13, 2022

Role at PAWS

I assist with all things medical. This can include administering vaccines and dewormer, running blood tests, treating sick animals, and more!

Years with PAWS

I started volunteering at PAWS in the fall of 2018! 


I share my apartment with my 2 cats - Tito (pictured), a rescue from my other job at a vet clinic, and Pisco, a PAWS kitty!

Favorite thing about PAWS?

It's easy to say my favorite thing about PAWS is the animals, but probably one of the best things about PAWS is the people! I have met so many kind and cool people through PAWS and made lifelong friends here. 


Outside of work I like working out and cooking!

Most recent concert

I recently got to see my favorite artist, Bad Bunny, in concert this year. This was my fourth time seeing him!