Featured Fido: Dolly

Black dog smiling in green grass
black dog in bathtub with towel
Black dog with tennis ball in grass
September 6, 2019

Meet this week’s Featured Fido, Dolly! Dolly is a sweet 9 year old wiggle butt. She is looking for a home where she can be the only pet and soak up all of the attention she deserves. She would love a human family of any size to cuddle with as long as everyone is a teenager or adult. Dolly is currently living at PAWS and will be waiting to meet you during our open hours.

Dolly loves training and learning new tricks, especially when treats are involved! Dolly is even willing to take a bath when treats are involved! While Dolly is not in the market for close dog friends she is working hard to learn to stay calm when other dogs are nearby and making a lot of progress.

Despite her age Dolly is a very energetic and playful girl. Her favorites are stuffed toys, nylabones, and chasing tennis balls. After some walking and playtime she does always appreciate a good nap though! Dolly, is always up for an adventure. She loves riding in the car and is a very good passenger. She would love going on walks or hikes and checking out new bodies of water beyond her pink baby pool.

Dolly loved being this week’s Featured Fido! Stop by PAWS during open hours this weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm, to meet this adorable, goofy girl in person!