March Volunteer of the Month: Lauren Lewis

Lauren and her dog
March 12, 2021

When did you start volunteering at PAWS?

March 2018

What jobs/roles have you performed at PAWS?

Cat care volunteer and shift leader

What do you currently do as a volunteer?

I'm a cat care co-shift leader. Depending on the week, I'll clean the cat rooms, feed, do laundry, administer medications, and whatever else needs to be done. It's always great when we get everything accomplished early so that we have time to play with the cats and give them extra attention.

Why do you volunteer at PAWS?

I started volunteering at PAWS because I was new to the area and wanted to meet people and become involved in the community. The volunteers and staff were so welcoming that it quickly became a part of my weekly routine. Now I say that PAWS is my happy place; it's an escape for me. When I walk into the building, I forget about everything else going on in my life, and focus on taking care of the cats.

When you're not at PAWS, what do you like to do with your time?

Garden, explore local trails with my dog, and spend time with my two cuddly cats.

What do you like best about being a PAWS volunteer? What do you find to be the most rewarding?

I like getting to know the personality of each cat and figuring out what they need to be healthy and happy while at PAWS. It's so rewarding to see a timid cat learn that they are safe and come out of their shell.

If someone asked you why they should volunteer at PAWS, what answer would you give?

PAWS is a wonderful community of dedicated staff and volunteers. There are many volunteer opportunities, so you can find the role that best suits your interests and skills. If you love animals and want to meet great people, PAWS is a fantastic place to invest your time and energy.