February Employee Spotlight: Gregory Mudzinski

Greg with shoulder chicken
February 11, 2022

What I do at PAWS

As PAWS' Maintenance Assistant, I strive to keep the facility in good working order by performing general maintenance and repair of equipment and the grounds. I also enjoy some morning Kennel Assistant shifts during which I have a peculiar obsession with grading BMs 1-7. Try me!

Years with PAWS

Full time since June, 2021, beginning part time 8 months prior.

Your pets at home

I have 2 dogs: Bohemian(PAWS' Gaston) and Oona, 4 cats: Hampton, Sir Jambothy, Wonton(PAWS), Halloweena Binx and 6 unique, clever and eccentric tiny dinosaurs (chickens): Mogwai, Butterfly Jack, Luna Lovegood (pictured), Lady Gaga, Cookie LaFloof, and Chaka.

 Thing I'm most proud of about time at PAWS

Finding new ways to be helpful. No, wait. Writing the bingo jingle. (laughs)

Favorite book 

But What if We're Wrong by Chuck Klosterman (viewing the past and present from the distant future), O.L.D. A Good Way to Die by Christopher Kugler (a call for nuclear disarmament).

Favorite movie

Capital M-a-c-Capital G-r-u-b-e-r!!!