January Volunteer Spotlight: Kevin Shock

January 12, 2024

Kevin with foster dog, Prince Hairy.



















How long have you been at PAWS?

This is my 11th year volunteering at PAWS. I started volunteering a few months after I adopted my first PAWS dog. I started out helping to mow the yards, and since then have done dog care, radio publicity, dog transporting, fostering, and several other things. Right now, I serve as the Head Dog Shift Leader.


What's your favorite thing about PAWS?

I've met some of my favorite people here, including my spouse. When PAWS is able to give a dog another chance, working with medical needs and behavioral considerations, it melts my heart. The staff and volunteers here will do everything within their abilities to give animals a good life.


What's your favorite thing to do at PAWS?

It's hard to name my favorite thing, but spending time with my favorite dogs and working together with various people are both high on the list.


What are your favorite non-PAWS hobbies?

We have our own rescue dogs at home, of course, so taking hikes with them is a big part of our free time. We also live right next to Bald Eagle State Park, and sitting on the lake in a kayak is what helps me to decompress.


How long have you lived in Centre County?

I'm a native of west-central PA, so I've known Centre County since I was a teenager. I've lived here now for more than 17 years.


What's your favorite movie?

It changes with the seasons of life. Lisa and I could currently watch Hunt for the Wilderpeople or The Peanut Butter Falcon over and over again.