Officers, Board, and Staff

Officers, 2019-2020

Dave Abler, President

Virginia Ishler, Vice President

Reenie Ferretti, Treasurer

Heidi Petruzzi, Recording Secretary

Board of Directors (current terms listed for each director)

Dave Abler (2018-2020), President

Virginia Ishler (2018-2020), Vice President

Reenie Ferretti (2018-2020), Treasurer

Mike Chilcot (2019-2021)

Bob Conn (2019-2021)

Ryan Macaluso (2019-2021)

Ginny Newman (2018-2020)

Yvonne Riley (2018-2020)

Joan Ritchie (2019-2021)

Monica Wright (2019-2021)

Management Staff

Lisa Bahr, Executive Director

Christine Faust, Director of Development and Marketing

Brian Eppley, Director of Finance

Megan Tomkiel, Staff Assistant

Diane Devaney, Dog Adoption Assistant

Abigail Henning, Cat Adoption Assistant

Alicia Starr, Events Assistant

Mandy Lazenby, Kennel Manager

Medical Assistants