Officers, Board, and Staff

Officers, 2017-2018

Dave Abler, President

Yvonne Riley, Vice President

Laurie Knisely, Treasurer

Carolyn Lambert, Recording Secretary

Board of Directors (current terms listed for each director)

Dave Abler (2016-2018), President

Yvonne Riley (2016-2018), Vice President

Laurie Knisely (2017-2019), Treasurer

Kris Clark (2017-2019)

Bob Conn (2017-2019)

Virginia Ishler (2017-2018)

Chris Kunes (2016-2018)

Ginny Newman (2017-2018)

Joan Ritchie (2017-2019)

Monica Wright (2017-2019)

Management Staff

Lisa Bahr, Director of Operations

Christine Faust, Director of Development and Marketing

Brian Eppley, Director of Finance

Megan Tomkiel, Staff Assistant

Medical Assistants