Officers, Board, and Staff

Officers, 2022-2023

Ryan Macaluso, President

Ginny Newman, Vice President

Reenie Ferretti, Treasurer

Linda Friend, Recording Secretary

Board of Directors (current terms)

Ryan Macaluso (2021-2024), President

Ginny Newman (2022-2025), Vice President

Reenie Ferretti (2022-2025), Treasurer

Melinda Ampthor (2023-2026)

Maureen Brown (2023-2026)

Sima Bruggeman (2021-2024)

Steven Chichester (2021-2024)

Mike Chilcot (2021-2024)

Virginia Ishler (2022-2025) 

Linda Friend (2023-2026)

Spencer Lewis (2022-2025)

Karen Mayes (2022-2025)

Daniel Nelson (2023-2026)

Ming Tien (2022-2025)

Management Staff

Lisa Bahr, Executive Director

Christine Faust, Director of Development

Brian Eppley, Director of Finance

Colin Assadinia, Medical Manager

Hannah Beck, Operations Manager

Alicia Starr, Events and Marketing Manager

Diane Devaney, Dog Adoption Assistant

Bella Galio, Dog Adoption Assistant 

Mandy Lazenby, Cat Adoption Assistant